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Visas, passports, destinations, pre-departure, financing, etc. Planning where to go, when to go, with whom to go and how to do it are all important things. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Getting There and Away

Getting there is often the single largest expense in your trip. There are a number of ways to reduce this expense. these include choosing a better route, including airlines that are often not provided by some travel agents, finding a better time to travel or even breaking the route up differently. We can assist you to get the best out of your travel dollars.


What are your options for staying? There are probably a lot more options that you may have thought about. From hotels, to private villas, to AirBNBs, to couch surfing to motor homes, to camping, to couch surfing just for starters. You could consider overnight trains in some areas or overnight cruise boats in others.

Getting Around

From your normal buses and trains to private car, taxis, camel, horse, elephant, dugout canoe, and so many others getting around can be not just a way of getting from point A to point B but can also be a lot of fun.


Seeing and experiencing what your chosen destination offers is an important part of the trip. The cultural element allows you to learn about the people and what has made them the way they are. Their traditions are important and you may just learn something that will help you in your life when you return.

Keeping Safe

Medical, crime, war, insurance, what is safe to eat, scams etc. Travel is an amazing experience. However, there are a number of things that you should know before you go that will keep you safe. These include knowing where to go find up to date information on remote areas, having a well stocked first aid/medical kit, etc.