Budget Travel Book

This budget travel book is not about focusing on “free” like many travel books. Instead, it is about getting best value for your money. Rather that talking about couch surfing and hitch hiking, it provides useful information about how to save money and get more. It is useful on any budget from the first time backpacker to the wealthy person who just want to get more.

Budgeting for a large overseas trip is very important. For most of us, we do not have unlimited resources and have to be careful that we use our money wisely and get the best value from what we have. It gives us an opportunity to focus on what we want. Rather than doubling back and spending more time on transport that what we need to or spending extra money for the same thing, we can do extra activities, see more and experience more.

It will help you find hidden money in loyalty memberships, frequent flyer and hotel schemes, credit cards, modes of transport and so much more. It will answer questions about how to book your flights and accommodation to gain best effect. Do you want to travel more for less?

If you only buy one travel book then this is it! Why? It is the best travel book for anyone on any budget.

Many people wrongly believe that travel is too expensive and unattainable. This is just not true. Travel at times and to certain destinations can actually be cheaper than staying at home. This book will show you how to minimise costs.

Others believe that the world is a dangerous place. Whilst it is true that some places are dangerous, most of these dangers can be circumvented and avoided. The book will explain what to watch out for and how to avoid these dangers.