Watch our travel more for less video – TV ad for more information on Travel Ideology and how we help people just like you travel more for less.

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The Travel Ideology television advertisement video above is used to promote the various travel products and services. It is promoted by Travel Ideology across a variety of media including television and internet. Moreover, it shows the services that Travel Ideology offers, including highest quality travel gear and travel accessories, our book and course and Sydney tours for international guests.

Travel Video Transcription

Travel the world. Spending less… Buy your travel gear. Learn to travel better. Book your drivers or guides. Find your travel buddy. Highest quality travel products at Australia’s best prices.

Travel Book

Travel Ideology offers the travel book, “Travel More for Less”. The book helps people to travel the world, seeing and experiencing more for the same or less cost than they otherwise would have spent. it is the quintessential guide to planning and implementing any trip. It brims from cover to cover with tips that will save you money, expand your travel horizons and keep you safe no matter where you want to travel and at what standard you want to do it at.

Travel Course

The business offers a travel course, run by Bruce Josephs, “Mr Travels” who has been there and done that and crossed off many a people’s bucket lists. The course focuses on what the attendees wish to do on their own trips and is about the most useful thing you can buy for your long term trip. Moreover, you will learn information, essential to allowing you to take your trip and travel the world at the best value for money, no matter what you budget.

Travel Gear

Travel Ideology sells highest quality travel gear. All the best brands at unbelievable low prices. Furthermore, we have our own brand for where we could improve on something or provide something new. Whatever you want to pack in your bags for your big international trip, you will find it at Travel ideology. Swiss Army Knives, Leathermans, daypacks, money pouches, neck wallets and belts, travel towels, travel pens, etc. We have larger, thirstier, better quality travel towels. We offer better value high end money wallets and stylish leather belts with extra large hidden compartments for concealing your cash.

Travel More for Less

The philosophy is simple, the book, the course, the travel gear store all have one thing in common. They help the long term or remote traveller travel more for less. It is more than the name of a travel book or course. It is one man’s personal philosophy and mission – to helps others Travel More for Less.